Ariel and Her Miseries 6


LOVE or Ariel. What? Ariel.


The world then seemed of a different palate. Everything was more vivid. I felt so wonderfully alive. The lights in the closing street shops sauntered with their own reflection on the gutter rain, slowly but surely holding hands into a waltz only lumens can fathom. And only then did I notice the pitter-patter of a lulling September drizzle. What exclamations does love not provide those under its spell? There was no denying it! I was definitely under hers.

“Hey, Art wait for us!” A voice haunted me from a distance.

O sweet beautiful romance, o its scents and myriad pleasures. I saw her, my mind kept repeating, I saw her.

“Art would you please tell us what’s wrong?”

Please, my entirety pleaded, please not yet. Do not pull me into the sombreness of reality. That night I belonged with the angels!

“Art if you do not want to wake up in the hospital turn around and wait for us!”

And that finally pulled me in. I was indeed just human. I was indeed only under love’s cruel throng. I only had a name. Her name, and a wish for a play. Then it struck. What a stupid fantasy it was! How would a nobody like me lure her in with a bunch of paper filled with scribbles? And perchance my play did come to some worth, who would stage it? Who was I? My only connection to literature was owning a lot of it. Yes, I, like so many dreamy eyed lit graduates, did once upon a time in a kingdom far far away envision to write that great novel. What do I have to show for it? A few drafts, a few pages with some procrastinating drawings. More cartoon than lettering really. How could this end well for me, my new mantra went, she doesn’t even know my name.

“You asshole, you know that Marbles has a bad leg,” Cards opened his barrage. He seemed on the verge of a life-threatening one-two but as luck would have it there was always Marbles to the rescue, “Let it go, Cards. No harm done.” How could such a sweet lady fall for this behemoth?

And then, a silence.

“Why did you go so quickly?”

“Because I had too.”

“Now the night’s ruined, you asshole.”


“We were supposed to go out for drinks.”


“Ariel, and us.”




And that went on for a while.



Okay, it went on longer than I thought. In my head, that conversation played on for an eternity, as long as the lights danced to a sad sad waltz, its lyrics simply, “Ariel.”


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