A Short Play


Sol;       A strong radiant man, his hair is the gold of the sun, his eyes are the blue of         the sky

Luna;    An awesome beauty, her hair is the darkness of night, her skin is the white           pallor of the moon


An empty bar.

(Lights catch sol cleaning some wine glasses at the bar. A bell rings, luna enters.)


Sol:       Good day.

Luna:    It’s not.

Sol:       Excuse me?

Luna:    It’s not day. It’s not night. Both of them are up.

Sol:       Yup. The eclipse emptied my business out.

Luna:    Everyone’s looking up.

Sol:       As always.

(A silence.)


Sol:       What will you have Madame.

Luna:    (Sits down by the bar) The usual.

Sol:       But you don’t drink.

Luna:    That’s right. I’ll be having water again.

Sol:       (Provides Luna with a glass of water)  Maybe, next time, you should think of     actually drinking something interesting.

Luna:    I don’t have to.

Sol:       Yes.


(A silence.)


Luna:    Kiss me.

Sol:       Not yet. We still have some time.


Luna:    Yes. Maybe that’s better. A little later. But what do we talk about?

Sol:       Would you? This time.

Luna:    No. That’s your job.

Sol:       I haven’t even asked the question yet.

Luna:    No.

Sol:       No?

Luna:    No.

Sol:       Why the hell not?

Luna:    You know why. I can’t.

Sol:       But…

Luna:    No.

Sol:       No.

Luna:    No.

(A silence.)

Sol:       How do you want to do it this time?

Luna:    You know. You’ve prepared everything as always.

Sol:       Yes. I have.

Luna:    Yes.

Sol:       It’s all ready.

Luna:    I’m sure.

Sol:       As always.

Luna:    Do you still love me?

Sol:       As always.

Luna:    You understand the rules?

Sol:       More than you.

Luna:    I am the not.

Sol:       And, I am the yes. Darkness and light.

Luna:    Moon and sun.

Sol:       I want this to end. We can do it now.

Luna:    You understand the rules.

Sol:       Let’s drink.

Luna:    What shall we drink to?

Sol:       To the no’s. To the rules. To them outside looking up.

(Sol makes a drink of his own.)


Luna:    It will be painful.

Sol:       It has always been.

Luna:    Do you think this is childish?

(Sol has finished making his drink.)


Luna:    Do you think we should just stop.

Sol:       You know the rules?

Luna:    Yes.

Sol:       Shall we drink to it? (Raises s glass for a toast)


Luna:    To love.

Sol:       A millennia, and a millennia more. Going around. Chasing each other. And these   little trysts.

Luna:    I love you.

Sol:       As I you.

(They clink glasses and drink.)


Sol:       How long do you think we have?

Luna:    Not long.

Sol:       Should we do it now?

Luna:    Not yet.

Sol:       Make love with me.

Luna:    No. We can’t.

Sol:       Why not?

Luna:    You know the rules. That’ll take too long.

Sol:       I love you.

Luna:    I love you too.

Sol:       So?

Luna:    The rules.

Sol:       I hate you.

Luna:    You love me.

Sol:       Yes.

(A silence.)


Sol:       This is all going to end soon. Again.

Luna:    And I will see you. Soon. I promise.

Sol:       No.

Luna:    No.

Sol:       Not for a long time.

Luna:    Not for a long time.

Sol:       I have always loved you. All these years, centuries, of chasing for you. Why can’t            we just run away? The two of us.

Luna:    Make me a drink.

Sol:       What?

Luna:    I said make me a drink.

Sol:       But you don’t drink.

Luna:    Tonight I do.

Sol:       Today.

Luna:    Tonight.

Sol:       Whatever. What will you have?

Luna:    Whatever you’re having.

Sol:       On the rocks?

Luna:    Whatever.

(Sol mixes up the drinks. One for him, one for Luna. He reaches the glass towards Luna.)


Luna:    This is destined.

Sol:       That I will always chase you.

Luna:    That I will always be chased.

Sol:       That I love you.

Luna:    That we should never see each other.

Sol:       But we found a way. Everyone’s looking up. A toast?

Luna:    To love.

Sol:       To love.

(They drink. Bottoms up.)


Luna:    It’s time.

Sol:       Yes.

Luna:    Everyone’s looking up.

Sol:       And no one will know.

Luna:    As always.

Sol:       Yes.

Luna:    Do you want to?

Sol:       No.

Luna:    Should I?

Sol:       Let’s runaway.

Luna:    But—

Sol:       But they will all die.

Luna:    And we will be together.

Sol:       Alone.

Luna:    Together.

Sol:       Alone. Together. What do you say?

(A silence.)


Luna:    We can’t.

Sol:       No.

Luna:    No.

(A silence.)


Sol:       So I will. I always have.

Luna:    Yes.

(They kiss.)


(Sol picks up the gun and points it at Luna.)


Sol:       I will chase you, day and night. I love you.

Luna:    (Smiles) I love you too.

Sol:       See you, Luna.

Luna:    See you, Sol.

Sol:       They’ll find us.

Luna:    They’re already looking up.

(Sol shoots Luna. He proceeds to burn the bar.)




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