Nails and Dreams of Mother Mary



And there she was finally, coming out of a darkness so heavy you could feel it pushing towards you. She was smiling. Of course, she was smiling; in her blue and white robes that almost dripped back to the darkness.

Come to me, Mary Mother of God! Come to me, my salvation and saint. Embrace me!

Then her smile grew wider, stretching and stretching until her lips tore and blood flowed. Holy Mary, mother of fucking God, smile for me! And she did, her teeth more animal than human— beautiful, Mary Mother of God! You were conceived with out sin. You are my final retribution. You are my sudden reprieve from the madness of this world! Smile me your grotesque monstrous smile. You are Dianna! Aphrodite!

She stepped closer, making ripples of the darkness. She made ripples that vibrated from her feet to mine, and suddenly we were on a lake. We were no longer alone in the darkness but surrounded by a multitude of bearded men, half-naked in water.

As she slowly made her way towards me, I noticed two men singled from the crowd: one man standing, and the other kneeling, chest deep in water. The world was silent for a moment, and the man kneeling rose and shouted. His words were as clear and sharp my Mary Mother’s teeth, knives that pluck through naked chests. He said, “ I am my Father’s son. Fuck me!” And, they did.

And they did.

The Father’s son forced his clenched fist towards the standing man’s body which fell face first. The Father’s son grabbed the other man’s butt, and shoved his manhood inside while he pushed the man’s face in water.

An orgy came afterwards. Beards scratching beards. Naked protruding flesh forcing themselves on each other. Screams came. Screams which sounded like moaning souls.

I prayed to myself. I closed my eyes so hard that my eyeballs were pushed inside. I prayed:

“Holy Mary Mother of God. Pray for us in nurse.

Now, and in the hour of our death. Amen.”

A whisper to my ear, “Amen,” she said. Now everything was black again. Back to darkness. Back to ever comforting darkness. And she was naked, my Holy Mary Mother of Fuck was naked, and rubbing her breast on my chest. Now there came a shocking awareness that I myself was naked also.

Then there stood a cross in front of us, slightly noticed as she was stroking my dick. There on the cross was nailed a man; a man who said softly, perhaps with his last remaining strength, “Father. Father, why have you forsaken me?” Then his head danced down to his shoulder. He died, and somewhere in my mind I knew it was 3pm. It was 3pm when my Mary Mother Mary of Fuck mounted me.

Up. Down. Up Down. Sideways. Backwards. We did it every fucking way, every fucking ward.

The man on the cross opened his eyes, resurrected from the damned, and smiled much like my Mary Mother smiled. He said, “Fuck her good.” Then he laughed, and as he laughed, his cock went up.

Everything now was fading to darkness. Seconds passed and the man and his cross were gone. Mother Mary, my Mary Mother of Fuck are you leaving me too? She did but before she fully dissipated into the dark, I caught a glimpse of red shining tears flowing from her eyes. Filled with grace, the lord was with her. She too was gone.


Now I wake up, my hands clenched tightly resting on a rock. I find myself alone in a garden.


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