What’s Up

First of all, I am happy to announce that PIETA will have a rerun on April 2013. I am still fixing the schedule but it will most likely run during the 1st week of April somewhere near/ inside the Ateneo de Manila University campus. I’ll keep people posted through this page and my Facebook account.


Secondly, OF FLOWERS will be staged in a directing class next Friday, March 15 during a 2 hour series of short plays that will start 4:30 PM. Having attended that class years ago, I know that you can come in and watch the students’ works for free. FREE theater everyone. Come and watch. The teacher, Dr. Ricardo Abad, handles guests well if  I remember correctly.

I’d like to thank the director and cast in advance.


MAN Cristopher Aronson

WOMAN Cindy Lopez

SON Sky Abundo

Break a leg, guys. Get an A.


Finally, this is the blurb for the next project I am sure to direct myself. It’s still a long way off but I am very excited.

END OF THE GALLOWS  (December 2013)

The world’s oldest victim and victimizer are about to travel through time and space, past the end of the world, at the very end of the cosmos in search for that final reprieve, that singular respite that an immortal’s conscience can concede to.


End of the Gallows, Jay Crisostomo IV’s latest play, portrays penance and absolution in a series of stories about men and women who have outlived their capacity to hurt and be hurt spanning the birth and death of the universe.


After everything, the question is asked once more.


 “Where is your brother?”

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